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I have searched the internet and found instructive articles.  Sadly since Saddleseat is not very popular some of these sites are for other riding disciplines.  Although they are not directed toward the Saddleseat Equitation rider per say it does not mean they are useless.  I highly recommend reading these articles if you want to improve your riding whether or not its equitation.


The Riding Position Helpers section includes sites that have many useful tips on Equitation.

The Show Turn Out Help section included apparel help, tack help, and anything else that involves your showring look.

The Riding Your Horse Tips section includes sites that explain and help how to get your horse to do what you want him to do.

The Off The Horse Exercises includes exercises formulated towards helping you get stronger for riding.

The Everything Else section has everything one can think of related to Equitation.


More new articles to come!

Riding Position Helpers

Developing a Following Seat by Sally Swift

What the Judge Sees

Position Pointers (questions 2 and 3 down)

Improving Rider Position

Flawless Riding Position

Boost Your Balance

Winning Equitation (scroll down to)

Saddleseat Riding Tips

Lower Body Help

Lower Body Position *NEW*

Finding Your Seat Bones (scroll to pictures)

Secure Seat

Stirrup Length

Heels Down

Posting the Trot

The Balanced Position De-Mystified

Developing Balance

Absorbing the Movement (Enlightened Equitation)

Rider Balance

Upper Body Help

Upper Body Equitation

Equitation Problems and Solutions

Flexible Spine

Help with rounded shoulders

Help with rounded shoulders

Help with rounded shoulders

Develop Model Hands

Hand and Arm Position

Proper Posture

Show Turn Out Help


How Riding Habits Should Fit

Appropriate Jewelry and Accessories for Showing

The Well Dressed Equestrian (an article from Horse World)

Practical Color Help

Equitation Suit Colors

Finding Clothing Colors to Flatter Complexion

How to choose clothing colors that flatter your skin tone (help with choosing suit so not to look washed out)

How to Choose What Color to Wear


Search Results on How to Apply Makeup

Deciding Which Makeup Colors Work Best

Makeup professionals answer your questions


Lets choose the right makeup

Getting Ready Tips

How To Clean Boots and Gloves

Your Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Getting Ready To Show

How to Make a Pretty Equitation Bun

Off The Horse Exercises

Counting Calories at the barn

Helpful Exercises For The Rider

Groundwork Exercises for the Rider

How to Get Into Shape for Horseback Riding

Cardio Basics and Workouts

Strength Training and Specialty Workouts

Pilates Search Results

Yoga Search Results

Fitness Tip of the Month for Riders: Shoulders Back

Fitness Tips for a Better Ride

Riding Your Horse Tips

Rider's Aids

Understanding Leg Aids

Riding Aids

Communicating Through the Leg Aids

Connecting and Coordinating the Natural Aids

Creative Images for Using the Aids

Help with Collection


True Collection

What is Collection?

Putting the Horse on the Bit

Riding the Gaits

Working the Canter

What to do when the rider pumps when they are at the canter?

Explaination of the Canter

How to feel for the correct lead

Help with Double Bouncing

Help with Double Bouncing

Rating the Speed of Your Horse


Ring Savvy (scroll down)

Riding the Corners

Show Ring Placement

Your Equipment

An Explanation of the Full Bridle for the Rider

Finding the Right Saddle

Everything Else

Rider Success

Dedicated Rider

Setting and Reaching Goals

For the girls: Choosing a good equestrian sports bra

Back in the Saddle Evaluation

Back in the Saddle Improvement

Back to Basics

Saddleseat Equitation Numerical (SEN) System

What Makes A Winner?

A Personal Perspective: Inside Equitation

Blue Ribbon Tips

A Look Back On Equitation (an article from Horse World magazine)

History of Saddle Seat Show Apparel (an article from Horse World)

Recommended Books

Saddle Seat Equitation by Helen Crabtree

The complete guide to Saddle Seat with importance of correct use of equipment and the correct form of riding.


Riding for Success In and Out of the Show Ring by Gayle Lampe

Offers the opportunity to learn to ride from the ground up, instructing from the most basic riding principles through all the most complex and minute details.


Riding Show Horses by Marilyn Carlson Childs

Handy quick reference.  A good supplemental book to Saddle Seat Equitation by Helen Crabtree and Riding for Success In and Out of the Show Ring by Gayle Lampe.


Sports Illustrated Book of Gaited Riding

Instruction on riding each gait with illustrations.  Great supplemental book.


Centered Riding 1&2 by Sally Swift

(focused toward dressage and hunt seat but the position can be adjusted to Saddle Seat)

A great book with helpful visuals to ride comfortably and correctly with great explanation of aids.  A great supplemental book to the above books.