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Riders should enter the arena ready to show, displaying confidence and presence. Show that you are a rider and not just a passenger. Poise and consistency, even under adverse conditions, are necessary. Perfect the performance of your horse to best reflect your equitation abilities.

Subtle verbal communication between rider and horse is encouraged in equitation classes; however, this communication should not be so loud as to be distracting to other exhibitors or ring personnel. A notable exception to this is when a rider is specifically addressing another rider, such as calling "rail." However, excessive yelling of "rail, rail" is very distracting and undignified and should be discouraged. The only time "rail" is appropriate is when another rider is cutting in dangerously close and collision is imminent. It is inappropriate for a rider to come up behind a rider already on the rail and force them off the rail. Riders should always be positioned so that they can go around those ahead of them, and should be penalized at the judge's discretion for not doing so.

Leave room in the lineup for the nervous horse or rider. In addition to being courteous and safety-conscious, this will lessen the effect that horse might have on your mount.