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Riding Saddle Seat

Horse Illustrated January 2012 Issue - "Pattern Perfect Saddle Seat Equitation"

Saddle Seat Equitation by Helen Crabtree


The complete guide to Saddle Seat with importance of correct use of equipment and the correct form of riding.


Riding for Success In and Out of the Show Ring by Gayle Lampe


Offers the opportunity to learn to ride from the ground up, instructing from the most basic riding principles through all the most complex and minute details.


Riding Show Horses by Marilyn Carlson Childs


Handy quick reference.  A good supplemental book to Saddle Seat Equitation by Helen Crabtree and Riding for Success In and Out of the Show Ring by Gayle Lampe.


Sports Illustrated Book of Gaited Riding with Helen Crabtree


Instruction on riding each gait with illustrations.  Great supplemental book.


Centered Riding 1&2 by Sally Swift


(focused toward dressage and hunt seat but the position can be adjusted to Saddle Seat).  A great book with helpful visuals to ride comfortably and correctly with great explanation of aids.  A great supplemental book to the above books.


Show Ring Success by Kathleen Obenland


This book describes how to select a horse, trainer/instructor, practice for competition, develop a winning look, and determine which class to enter, and shares the advice of top judges.

Training Saddle Seat Horses

Saddle Seat Horsemanship by Smith Lilly

*Highly Recommended.*  

Show Your Horse by Bob Robinson

Written by a noted Saddleseat Trainer, in the hope of assisting Amateur owners in achieving the same results in the ring as professional. Sometimes technical, it can be a great resource tool.

The Silver Saddle by Bob Ruxer 

This versatile collection of thoughts on everything Saddlebred serves as a perfect “field guide” to those just starting in the Saddlebred business or those who have been in it since birth.

Training Your Colt to Ride and Drive by Marilyn Carlson Childs and Rick Wallen

The Do It Yourself Show Horse by Lynda Ann Miller

Make the Most of Your Horse: The Practicial Application of Collection in All Types of Riding by Jan Dickerson  (Saddle Seat is one of the discussed types of riding)

The Arabian English Pleasure Horse: A Guide to Selecting, Training and Showing by Kathleen Obenland