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Saddle Seat Equitation: Form to Function

Posting the Trot

The Canter

Show Ring Placement

Ring Savvy (scroll down to)

Don't Cut Corners - Learning to ride corners correctly may not be at the top of every rider's to-do list, but using them properly can pay off in and out of the showring. By John E. Lewis


Collection: Circuit of Control

Collection - What Is It and How to do it

What is a Half Halt, and How it is Used?

The Half Halt

Half Halt Video from Jane Savoie

Riding Aids

Using the Riding Aids

The Wisdom of Smith Lilly by Alexandra Layos


How to Switch Your Whip

What I do; which seems to be one of the smoother, less conspicuous ways I've seen, is: Bring hands together, grab the whip with 'non-whip' hand at the point right on top the 'holding' hand. Pull the whip up through the 'holding' hand about 2-3"; slide the 'non-whip' hand back down to the top of the 'holding' hand, slide the whip up another 2-3". Repeat until the 'holding' hand is about half way down the whip {or} far enough up that the 'tail' of the whip can be crossed over the horse's neck by raising the 'holding' hand only an inch or two. As suggested above, once at that point, raise 'holding' hand up just enough to allow the tip of the whip pass across the horse's withers; and tip the hand so that the whip ends up on the other side of the horse. Lower hand back down; and as you do, place the whip into the other hand. Either let the whip slide down the 'new' hand into the right place {or} inch the whip back down in a similar fashion as it was raised.
- Amanda Pranger

The line up is important because it is the time the judge can take a close look at you.  It is also the time where you can have perfect form.  The line up like the walk is not a time to let down. As an Equitation rider you should not let down until you get off your horse.  

When entering the ring, I always make a straight line from the gate to the rail. I don't actually go on the rail until the far corner, giving me a straight pass in front of the judge. If you turn your horse to go on the rail immediately, you might upset his balance and lose the impulsion of your trot. Remember, first impressions are everything!
- Chelsea

Confidence and the Right Attitude!
I have found that my sister, needed the right attitude and confidence  to compete at World Cup try-outs. Being one of the very few Arabian riders at world cup try-outs, she knew that she had the right attitude and confidence!  Lisa, our trainer, said to my sister, " Look at those girls faces, they have the right attitude and confidence, that's what you need to do! You have to believe that you can make and have to think that you will."  Although my sister did not make it to World Cup this season she is working all for nationals and World Cup. She now believes she can make it!  Having the right attitude and having confidence can go a long ways! Like the saying goes "Attitude is Everything!"
- Brooke Delavan,WI