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Finding the Right Saddle

An Explanation of the Full Bridle for the Rider

Cleaning Saddle and Bridle

Speaking About Saddles - Sassy Steppers Saddle Club Guide to buying a Saddle Seat Saddle

Tack Colors

In the trotting breeds Havana Brown colored leather is the most popular. In the American Saddlebred, Morgan and NSH rings white patent leather girths either with elastic or humane ends are the girths of choice and are classic in any ring. Browband color preferences vary breed to breed but reds and burgundies are always classic and elegant. Browbands should lay flat on the horse's head, not protrude out. All leather should match (bridle, reins, saddle, stirrup leathers). Saddle pads are optional. If the horse needs a pad for saddle fit or comfort it is best to use a pad that is not visible to the judge. Prussian style stirrup irons are the choice of many champions. Black stirrup pads are also the best choice as they do not stop the flow of the eye like white pads can.