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Riding in Balance Exercises


Cardio, Cardio, Cardio!  As a rule the more in shape you are the better you look.  It's hard to make it look effortless when you are huffing and puffing!  Core strength and abs muscles also help more than you realize.  Doing things such as running, crunches, and push-ups may seem elementary, but in the long run they do make a difference, and you can do them with out going to the gym.  Start a regular work out routine, even if it is only 30 minutes a day to get you in shape.  Gradually add more crunches/sit ups, and run longer than you did before.  You will notice a difference.

- Kimmy German

The Relaxed Rider 
I think a good rider is a flexible and strong one. I'm not saying you have to lift weights but doing Yoga for the Rider who needs to become more relaxed-like me! Also really helps before shows!!), Tae-Bo, and something to build stamina- I ride my endurance horses which can last forever! At least once or twice a day doing something of the above has really helped me.

Hold weights in your hands while sitting in the correct riding position.  Hold it for as long as you can, this helps build up arm, chest and back muscles.

- Scott Pisarik