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Saddle Seat Showing Apparel

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Saddle Seat is one of the most glamorous styles of riding. Planning ahead, knowing what enhances the rider's appearence and coordinates with the horse will give a rider the competitive edge in the show ring.

Saddle Suit Information

How Riding Habits Should Fit

Appropriate Jewelry and Accessories for Showing

Equitation Suit Colors

Equitation Wear - Blue Ribbon Diva

The Well Dressed Equestrian

For the girls: Choosing a good equestrian sports bra

History of Saddle Seat Show Apparel (an article from Horse World)

Shopping For Saddle Suits

*Guide to Help Sew Your Own Coat, Pants and Vest*

Saddle Seat Apparel Fabric Choice - Blue Ribbon Diva

Color Help

Practical Color Help. What colors really look good with what other colors!

How to Choose Colors to Flatter Your Skin Tone

Helpful Guide to Coordinating Colors with Your Horse